Monday, May 25, 2009

Step Away!

Sometimes, you really need to just step away. Wether it be from business, the kids, the kitchen~just step away! Having a little balance in your life is healthy. That is why a few times a week I walk five miles or more on any given day. Great exercise, fresh air and usually lunch out. This also means a learning time for me and my little one. He is just beginning to walk, gets super excited when you introduce him to something new and would rather stay up than sleep and miss out on something. This is balance. Hearing the squeals of a little one, buying paint instead of beads, crawling on foam strawberries with your little one or pulling the toys off the shelf at your local toy store.

Balance is important for all of us. The babe can't walk steady just yet. You know the term "walking like a drunken sailor"? That's my babe. Balance is so important to him as well. That's why today, while I am preparing for market he's playing with Dad!!

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday and finding balance in your life.

aka BohemianGlitz


  1. he is just darling. it is amazing what these little guys can teach us.

  2. :) Thank you...and your right! it is amazing what they can teach us. He is a smarty pants too!