Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jack of All Trades

Wowzer! Is all I have to say...I have worked side by side with a web consultant for over two weeks now to reconstruct my site. New template, new colors, texture, moving and resizing, drop down menu, footer nav and so on and so on.....

All was good until yesterday. Error 28 is haunting my site. Seems to be a temporary file or host file size problem. Not something I have done. However, out of frustration I have gone backwards and undone some of our work, hoping this would bring the site back to functional. It comes and goes. When it feels like it. Kinda like a teenager or a wandering boyfriend. Like the analogy there? I am trying to keep my sense of humor.

Amongst taking care of my little one, my teenager, my husband, my animals, the house and all it site is misbehaving badly. So very sad.....

I hope anyone checking in to browse or shop will come back again. I am hoping to have this corrected by this evening. In the meantime, my etsy and artfire shops are still going.

I like to be hands on so I can navigate, lay out, change, and so on most things on my own site without having to go to someone else for help. This really shouldn't be this difficult. Can someone out there please stomp all over error 28!?!?*?&!!

To all you independent artists out there: I hope you never have a site crash. It's a sickening feeling.
To all the supporters of independent artist: Please be patient with "us" and be sure to come back time and time again.


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