Monday, September 14, 2009

Silly Stupid Love and Balance

I have read statements on blogs from the writers that read something like this "you don't want to hear about me or my life" or "I'm just going to write about business stuff"...well, as an creative minded person writing a blog I have a problem with that. A blog is a place to market your art but its also a place to rant, vent, persuade, get your beliefs across to others and otherwise give the outside world a little window into yours. So, if your reading this and you want to read about business stuff, paperwork, marketing, a weaving pattern or the hot colors for fall then, today is the wrong day to be reading this. Which by the way, I read purple is the color to be seen in this season.

Today will be a more personal view into my thoughts and perspective. Artists and creative persons use everything in their life to learn from and get inspired from. Sometimes, we simply get revved up. A lot of day to day things get me revved up. Injustice, impatience and rudeness just to name a few. I also have a dry sense of humor and try and inject it into everything. Humor sometimes is a cover up but it can also be a saviour. It can be a great thing to look at things light heartedly for a change. I don't know about all creative minds but I know I analyze everything. I also consider myself a fixer. Now I am not a carpenter, I am not literally a fixer of things.

In high school when we had to write a statement for yearbook mine read something like "I want to touch the lives of all people I meet." That still holds true. So, here's an injustice for you, you may have found statements on the internet speaking about a certain "lampworker" ( I use the term lightly) buying lampwork beads created by others and then reselling them as her own. Once she was found out of course, she back lashed with false accusations about tax fraud and such. What an ugly person to have to run into. The injustice here would also be if she gets away with it. There is a legal fund you can donate to if you would like to help those that have been victims. Simply search around enough and you will find it.

Here's a simple rudeness for you, I was trying to cross the street with my friend and our two children both under the age of three and the truck at the stop sign didn't even wait for us to get across before he went through the intersection and had to swerve into the other lane to miss us. Impatience. If I had had eggs with me I would have been launching them directly at his truck.

So, there I have done my little rant. Let's move on to the next topic of discussion. Silly stupid love. It makes us do all kinds of crazy, irrational things. No one ever said love would be easy. I don't know what ever made me think that. Love is constant work, sacrifice, commitment and hopefully mutually rewarding. Being in love in it's silly state of blindness is fantastic. Until something goes haywire. Outside influences for example. There is a thought for the day-don't let outside influences ruin love. Trust one another, talk to one another and work hard to devote time to yourself and one another.

Once you have had that first true love I don't believe you can ever get that "feeling" again. Now, I am waiting for my inbox to flood with angry outbursts. Hold on a second while I go look...just kidding. This isn't posted yet. See? Humor. First love is innocent, trusting, blind and all involving. Your first love you never forget. You will search your whole life and not find another like it. There's a reason for that. We have not yet been disillusioned when we have experienced our first love. Being young and having first love goes hand in hand so then, you have to throw in the "I am invincible" factor. Remember outside influences? Yeah, stupid love forgot to protect itself against that.

Remember first and foremost if you are in love, in a relationship or have a friend remember to listen to your partner, friend or lover. Really listen not just with open ears but an open heart. Don't let humor mask your feelings if at all possible. Do make sure you spend every waking moment being the best you can be, always improving and forgiving those that need forgiveness. If you can hang on to your first love then, you are the luckiest person in the world.

Next, we arrive at life as it is. You know how it goes, one day you simply realize that life is just what it is. You have made it what it is in a way so, if you are not satisfied with it then set plans into motion to improve it. Just remember not to be impatient, unjust or rude along the way.

Every once in a while I may share a poem with you that I have written~here comes my one and only published poem. Feel free to share it with others but don't claim it for your own. It is protected by copyright law.

Tera Vermillion

Poem title "Curves of your Lips"

Curves of your lips
long to be kissed
by me
or maybe
I long to kiss
the curves
of your sweet neck
to your ears
oh, what fear
when sprinkles drop
a tear
then, a hand caresses
your face
a painters dream

This poem is deliberately broken up to be read slowly. Hope you enjoyed and as the time goes on I will share more. Unless, of course I end up with angry emails in my inbox.

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