Friday, October 2, 2009

In the Midst

Sometimes in the midst of things
you loose a little of yourself
slowly a piece here of there
until one day you don't recognize yourself anymore


One word can mean so much
an event that begins a chain of events
that seem to unfold in front of you
without even an effort


in the midst of things
you feel like your in a fog
in order to come out of the blur
you throw your fists up and shake the chains


without struggle there would be no effort
no moving forward
certainly no moving on
they are two seperate entities


knowing what you have done
and knowing there is no going back
claiming your life and grabbing onto your heart
with all your might


acknowledging your past, present and future
they collide into eachother and mesh
this is not always a smooth existence


I am not there yet
but within the struggle there is awareness and acceptance
I am moving forward into peace

Original written work by Tera Vermillion 10/3/09 12:54am

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