Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful rain filled morning and I have much to accomplish! Sometimes, I am thankful that the rain comes because then I can focus on indoor tasks. While I do love the rain, it does damper things just a bit when you think about walking miles and miles with a toddler just for the sake of getting out.

I am preparing for a move this summer so should be spending my days cleaning my basement. Of all the fun filled activities...hahahaha, I am not going to finish that sentence. Really, the fun comes when you find something in a box you had forgotten you have and it is from let's say, Junior High.

Even in all my moves and life changes I have seemed to hold onto things that I once thought were important that really don't need hanging onto. For instance, I do not need my brothers report cards from Grade school to Senior year! I will blame my mother partially for this pack rat mentality I have. I will let go of many things in the next two months and I look forward to it.

How many of you have looked around your place and thought to yourself... "My things are overtaking me?" I am not to that point but it is close. It is not even a matter of how many things you have necessarily, for I don't think I have any more than most. It has something to do with where your mind is at and where you want to go.

I want to let go so I may move on physically and mentally very easily and somewhat quickly. The decision to move was made months ago and I still have months to wait before the move happens. I look forward to it with sweet anticipation.

Happy Crafting, Happy Monday and Hugs to all!

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