Monday, July 26, 2010

Time Flies

Already having been in the Seattle area for a month and a half, I can say I am quite pleased with life. My designs are being shown at the Columbia City Gallery and I am waiting to hear back on my application to another. I am also waiting to hear back on a festival application for August.

My goal is ten galleries or combined retail locations all at once. This may take some time to achieve as I also am pursuing my writing. Stayed tuned... I am up to almost 2000 words. Writing for me is so rewarding and I get on a "roll". My creative juices don't stop. Just like when I sit down to create jewelry, I can often spend hours upon hours at it.

I have a desk in the corner in pieces meant to be my jewelry work area. I may have to tackle putting it together myself very soon. The beads are calling me and they, along with the wire, tools and clay are all here now.

Whatever shall I make first? I think some bead weaving is long overdue.

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