Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Almost Valentines Day!

Think Pink! Check out the site www.bohemian-glitz.com and look for pink, red and purple colors to arrive in flurries! No more snow flurries, just flurries of love!

Think about what makes your heart pitter patter, stop a beat and twitter. However you say it, however you tweak it; you know when there is a little extra swing in your step. I actually get this feeling from various things, music, people and creating!

I attended a small concert tonight that was so full of energy all I could do after a few hours was think "I want to get home to write!" Now, this is just a little blurb on the blog map but I intend on writing more.

Coffee is awaiting....

God bless you all and remember to listen to your pitter patter!


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