Sunday, December 30, 2012

The new year is coming to a close and its time to be thinking of next years goals. I pondered a bit this last year over my creative ventures, what to keep doing and what not to. I closed up my UsTrendy and then had slight remorse. I prefer not to give up on a site but I can only keep up with so much. I had been approached by a California online boutique so started a shop presence there and soon after found that I could not contact them. I reclaimed an old domain name and couldn't be more tickled with that.

I began writing more, doing open mics and workshops. I published in print once and missed one deadline to be published in print again by the same entity. OOPS. A story I began writing over 12 years ago peaked my interests and I decided to attack it with a renewed vision. So far, I have fourteen pages front and back hand written. Yes, I am writing it in a notebook unlike many who are using computers. I don't have to worry about finding wifi.

I've been involved for the last few years with fundraising for Parent Trust. Below is a photo from the wine and cheese event and more recently, I assisted and had great fun at The Mad Hatter Tea Party. I painted faces, decorated tables and recorded during the auction. 

I am sure this next year will be a great one and I will continue on with writing, creating, donating time and creativity except by mid June I will be doing so as Mrs...yes, I got engaged! Have never been happier...stay tuned.

Peace, love and hoping your year is filled with many positives!


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