Monday, April 6, 2015

Expressing Myself

I decided to doodle on a canvas with a fine marker

This sweet girl is dreaming of tea. The scent of it, the warmth of it and the pretty little cup she sips from

The bird is a hunter with broken wings, he hunts anyway. His spirit can not be broken.

The white canvas is absolute fun for me. later, I decided I must do more...

I have named this ghost figure Sue. Blue Sue. You will see why in later pictures. She is reaching out..

Every corner needs a few wild flowers..

And then the painting begins...and I must add words for I am a word girl...

The flower is a bright sunshine yellow and is strong despite winds of turmoil.

I add purple for a dramatic effect

The wildflowers get tiny bits of pink and yellow that matches the tea dreamer girls hair...

This little guy is just learning and is filled with love

I'm making progress after about three hours or so of work...Sue is now Blue

See? Blue Sue.

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