Sunday, November 22, 2015

Deviant Art Doll in A Box

So did I tell you the story about loving to create?


this time I

decided to create something completely different. Not jewelry, not a painting. ....

can you guess by the above picture what my plan is that I have been forming in my head?

What I have been planning and now am pretty much finished with is what I will call a deviant art doll box.

A box that contains a beautiful doll that is missing half an arm. As with all art, there is a meaning. Love yourself as you are. Let others see your beauty under your superficial flaws. You are beautiful.

I painted a wood cigar box a teal blue on the inside and black on the outside. I used a silver permanent marker for the lettering:

"You are beautifully made and I accept you lovingly as you are"

Because this lovely girl is beautiful on her own, she doesn't feel the need to cover herself in fine clothes or jewels although she does favor them and they lay amongst her as treasure. They are more than simple treasure, they are memories captured in textiles and stone.
May your memories be sweet...
Deviant Art Shadow Box listing on etsy

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