Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Times A Wasting Or is it?

Really, if we are enjoying our day even if we didn't accomplish anything, is time really wasted?

In my opinion, no. Time is precious and as long as the important things get done in a reasonable time manner then, all is "good". For instance, don't let your taxes go by the wayside do play chase with your son. Do play everyday! Whether it be with your craft, your kids, your pets or just hanging out with your friends. Let's not forget our significant others as well.

They support us in all that we do, hopefully anyway. This can be where the hard struggle is. The husband works hard, the wife works just as hard, the kids play hard and their is almost no time for the husband and wife to get together. Remember to thank your significant other for doing all they do even if at times it doesn't seem like much. Possibly they are doing all they can and recognizing this can actually motivate them, encourage them and uplift them. In doing so, you have just made yourself feel better too.

My quote of the day: "Time is not wasted if we are spending it with the ones we love."

I read an article recently that reinforced what I already knew and had been telling a friend: Smile, it instantly cheers you up! The simple act of acting happy actually makes you feel happier!

I often find myself taking several days to create a new design that I should have completed easily within a day. So, what takes me so long? I have cats that want to play, eat and get brushed. I have two dogs who think they are the babies in the house. I have a teenager graduating this year. I have a toddler who wants my undivided attention. In fact, as soon as I stop typing he has a book he wants me to read to him. I also have a husband who is supportive of my late nights creating, typing and networking whether it be for social interaction or business.

So, there you have it. Time is not wasting, at least not around here.

God bless,

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