Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Directions

Good Sunday morning all,

I looked back a bit on my posts and I believe I failed to mention my new etsy shop. I love to create. I would if possible sit at my desk which happens to be my late grandmothers black metal desk and create until my fingers give way.

Since I am forever creating my styles evolve and often I can not stay within one style. I fill my etsy shop with rocks and vintage items I have collected. So, in order to bring a little order to my etsy world I have decided to open a new shop with strictly jewelry in it. Mostly high end items but not too pricey. They will all sing a little luxury.

Not too many items have made it in there but when you have a moment, take a peek Bohemian Glitz on etsy.


  1. does you creative mind ever stop? LOL. you are gifted, girl!

  2. oooo, Janean...sorry I missed this comment! My mind has no breaks. Full speed ahead and I don't drop until my eyes are so tired I wouldn't be able to keep them open with toothpicks even if I tried!