Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Very Happy Customer!

Here is what a recent customer said of her new earrings upon viewing the listing picture...

"Tera, these are beautiful!! Truly! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll wear these until they rot off my face. Now, I'm off to eat shrimp. ;)"

And once she received her package....

"I absolutely love every slap-dab thing you put in there! And the earrings....guess where they'll be debuted? The Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta and Nicolai's Roof! I'm headed there on Thursday and cannot wait to sport my new jewels. Oh. And the the little black bag you put everything in? Yeah, that's coming with me too. It's the perfect clutch bag!"

And what I have to say to this happy customer...

"Well, I had the utmost fun in creating these for you, packing them for you and not only gaining you as a new customer but an online friend! Thanks so much for being a peach :)!!" Take a peek at the Custom listing just for whimsydream Silver and crystal dangle earrings.

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