Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Slows Me Down!

So, its officially summer here and probably well, everywhere. Yep, its summer and its dang hot. I tend to stay up late when its hot. I had every intention of creating a slide show tonight. Full of pictures, text and music. But alas, my laptop doesn't seem to have a movie maker app. I would need to purchase one and reviews are not so great on most. So, I declined downloading anything new this evening and instead decided to write.

One of the problems with me and heat, well I do get easily distracted an ummm its hot..

I did just for fun create a short video. I pointed to the fan, showed off a few books new to our home and just smiled. That's what heat does to me, makes me just a tad sillier.

I did create a few new necklaces lately and am really pleased with this one...

I also escaped the heat of the city and enjoyed the heat and beauty of Mt Rainier and Stevens Canyon
Where I discovered campfire toast is delicious
I also discovered stick trees that poke the sky and look really freakishly spectacular even thou the have no leaves and nearly no branches