Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Support Your Local Artist

I as a jewelry designer know that creation is personal and I love to create. I therefore know how important it is to support other creative types. We can do this by thanking them for filling our lives with beauty.

We can support them by promoting their works. We definitely can support them by personally purchasing their creations.

I buy other designers jewelry.

Why? because others can create beautiful jewelry and I want to support their desire to do so.

I buy artist prints for my six year olds sons room.

Why? So he can have the coolest paintings and prints and learns the value of supporting others.

I buy music created by local and up and coming artists.

Why? Because there is really truly awesome talent to be discovered and I LOVE music. Music makes our world go round. Music fills our homes, our hearts and wakes up our minds.

Music inspires us...
Music is art
and I support artists

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