Friday, November 27, 2009

Balance with Buckeye's

Yes, you read right. Balance with buckeye's. A catchy phrase if you ask me. I intend on disappearing to my living room with hot tea and a pile of buckeye's as big as my stomach can take.

If you have never had buckeye's do make sure to add them to your holiday eating list. Chocolate and peanut butter never tasted so good. So, how does this topic get into a blog written by a jewelry designer? I think in my other life I may have been sweets taster.

Balance is so important, especially with the upcoming holidays. Hustle and bustle about but remember to do it with balance...and buckeye's. In my travels to our local library I keep picking up books on balance and I never seem to find time to read them. Something about a toddler in the house that sometimes doesn't nap that keeps me so busy I forget about the books.

Speaking of toddlers, my little one needs his monkey that is getting dried in the dryer. So, off I go to deliver a favorite bedtime friend. Blessings to you all and I hope you have had a Thanksgiving to be thankful for. Remember to look ahead with a heart filled with optimism.

Wow! I hear squealing...better run!!


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I am trying to keep things simple and happy this year. :)

  2. Hm ... Buckeyes ... I didn't know they were edible. How do you prepare them?

    Ah, balance ... often hard to achieve but so important in everything.

    I hope that you and your family are enjoying the season ... with balance! :)

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  3. MMMMmm yup, buckeyes are delicious! Nothing to do with the actual buckeye off the tree except the shape and color resembles them. I will get the recipe and post it here before Christmas. Merry almost Christmas to all!