Sunday, December 20, 2009

Almost Christmas

Good morning all,

Hope this Sunday is finding you rested and peaceful. Here I sit at my computer still in my pjs relishing the rare morning that my husband is here to occupy the little one. In all reality, he's not so little. He will be two in March and has been wearing toddler sized clothes for a bit now.

I find myself keeping him up later just to see him run and smile. Simple little pleasures that mean so much. I know from experience that these days will pass all too soon. My daughter will be eighteen next week! I still get the occasional smile along with the eye roll. However, I thank my blessings every time I see her doing a chore I didn't have to ask her to do since I am pulled in many directions by a roaming toddler that is discovering everything!

He does his part to help in the house by putting the dogs dish in the sink when its empty, dumping everything he can onto the floor so I can put it away, smelling the candles and putting the in between the couch cushions to make it smell yummy. He has even tried to put the leash on the dogs to walk them. My favorite is when he throws all his toys into the tub so mom can enjoy them.

As for the jewelry designing, I do have a small collection started that has not yet been photoed. I am so scattered in my designs that I believe I will categorize my site eventually by style instead of by the usual necklace/earrings/bracelet and such. I think every woman or man for that matter can reinvent themselves almost daily and jewelry is one way to do that. We decorate our homes, why not decorate ourselves?

I personally never leave home without earrings on. Often, I also pile on the bracelets and favor short necklaces over long ones since I have a little one I have to carry around and dogs in the house that like to chase me when we are playing piggy back.

When things quiet down and I finish the chores, run to the store for sewing needles, research personal papers, see the husband off to work, I will finish the pearl and sterling silver flower necklace I have started and post a picture for you all to enjoy. In the meantime, enjoy the picture of my little one. Notice all his bling. He has his own collection he likes to pile on all at the same time. Maybe he's the next big designer!


  1. What is it with little boys and bracelets? :)

  2. Ya know, I am not sure. But it sure is cute! I had to reassure his Dad it meant nothing. I look at it as a tactile thing. And of course since he sees me with jewelry on every day, that may have something to do with it! Hope you had a great holiday :) Next week is New Years~another reason to celebrate!