Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Evening!

I am wondering just how many of you spend hours and hours on your computer and leave the television virtually untouched? Between Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, My Blogs and email I admit I do sit here quite a bit.

I have just over 30 days before I hit the road and I will not have access to a computer for about four days. Whatever shall I do??? Today, I loaded all of my contacts from my address book into my cell phone. Upon doing so, I discovered I really need to clean up my address book! Yikes....

I am in Ohio, three hours ahead of most of the people I would visit with. So while my decency tells me don't call because it's late, I realize even though its 11pm here its only 8pm back there....I believe when I hit the road to return to my home state I will feel relief. I can imagine as I drive closer and closer wanting to drive longer hours each day just to get there faster.

I will keep you all posted....

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