Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crosses that We Bear

I know of people that are judged due to their mistakes. I prefer to withhold judgment entirely if at all possible. It is not, in my eyes our job to judge anyone but ourselves. The people walking amongst us bear their own crosses. They live daily with their decisions, mistakes and chosen paths. We do not need to remind them of their mistakes.

Keep in mind that we too have made our own mistakes and if you are young yet and have not had enough life experiences to make these mistakes you also do not have the wisdom to judge others. Remember of course, to keep in mind my original statement that we do not have the right to judge anyone but ourselves in the first place.

If you cross paths with a person that has made so many mistakes that you can not see past them and come to know the person that they are inside and can not accept that person then, it is time to move on. We are a forever evolving work in progress. Seldom do we start out perfect even with the best upbringing and the best of intentions.

This moving on can be done in many ways. Gradually stepping back or altogether physically and or emotionally separating yourself from that person. If this person is a family member it is a more delicate task that must be done with tact unless you plan on never speaking to that person or any of that persons “circle” again.

This brings me back to the title of this post. The crosses we bear. Some are carrying around heavy ones that weigh down on them and when you judge them it only brings them down further. The enlightened way to approach this person would be to pick up the heaviest section of their cross and help them carry the load.

You can do this by being a friend, listening, laughing with them, sharing things with them and rebuilding their world one memory at a time. If you can do this for anyone at anytime of your life you not only enriched their life but yours as well.

I used to be Abigail the wall flower who hid behind the blog, hid behind a wall, I hide no longer.

Blessings to all,
Tera Vermillion

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