Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life is Sweet

And unfortunately, too short.

I had posted recently on my writings and my intentions of posting them here and I will continue to post personal things, musings if you will from time to time. I have not yet fully decided to post all of my writings here or simply create another blog attached to this account to put them on. After all, this particular form of writing does warrant in itself a special atmosphere. To have kept them on the original blog seemed wrong some how for many reasons.

To jumble it all together with events, jewelry biz and other thoughts may not do it justice either. I would hate for it to get lost amongst the shuffle. Then again, it may end up being like my other "green one" and not get much notice at all. So, what to do...what to do... Still thinking on that one. I will not hide it away under a fictitious name for in doing so I do not do myself or the things or people I write about justice.

Anonymity can be a good thing. I do not look for recognition. On the other hand, I don't want my works stolen or gone unnoticed. I would at the very least like to know I have touched someones life with my positive thoughts. I know already I have touched a few and that is good enough for me. Really, to touch just one soul is enough.

I am in love. It has slapped me up against my face at the most unexpected time and I am forever grateful and reveling in its glory. These may seem like big words to some. If you were in my shoes, you would think they were not big enough. I had written nearly one hundred poems reflecting on this love and all that it brings to mind. Even when I write about the dragonflies or the meadows, it is with love in mind.

I had a chance to talk endlessly recently with a family member whose views are quite different from mine. He kept apologizing for things amongst the conversation and I kept telling him there was no need. I like a good conversation. It wasn't what I would call heated but it came close. It was a debate of sorts on views ranging from positive thinking, love, relationships, karma, our past, influences and life's choices in general. I don't mind being told when I am wrong or someone even pointing out that maybe I am not taking the correct course at the moment. However, in the end it is I that has to live with these decisions and not anyone else. Well, not entirely true. My decisions do at times affect others. There is no way to live a completely solitude life so no matter what we do, the choices we make do affect others.

I give with my whole heart and love this way. I believe if I treat myself and others with respect and forge ahead with love in mind all the while still keeping my eyes open, I can not go wrong. HAHAHA you say...I know, I know. There is always that chance of failure. What we have to keep in mind are these things:

Do not let the fear of failure stop you from trying.
Do not let fear stop you from doing anything.
The only thing you should fear is fear itself for fear can stop us dead in our tracks.

On the positive side of that:

Love conquers all.
Love heals all wounds.
Love is the ultimate unselfish act.
Love is meant to be shared.
With love in mind you can not go wrong.

Let me explain that last one....even if at the end of a particular portion of your life you are not where you want to be or with the person you wish you were with...if you have loved and tried then, you can be proud of that effort. It is not a bad thing to have loved and lost. What is sad is to have never loved at all.

I am exceptionally grateful for my closest friends and family that I know I can always trust and count on. I am grateful that I have weathered the storms of my life. I am happy with the person I am today.

Blessings to all,
Tera Vermillion aka Abigail the Wallflower

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