Monday, April 12, 2010

Intermixing Business and Personal Lives

Good morning all,

I have been:

Running two blogs
Creating random pieces of jewelry
Preparing for an out of state move
Getting my daughter ready to graduate and start college
Listing items on Etsy and my own website
Keeping up with Facebook for personal connections and a business page
I twitter
Post when I can on American Craft Guide and others. I am involved in two Etsy groups as well.

Life is taking a shift and so have I. I write poetry, short stories and prose. I am published on Associated Content, have published once in a book and published on my own on my other blog. This other blog and this other "side" of me has stayed fairly hidden for it is always hard to put raw feelings out there.

I can take a word or thought and build it into a beautiful work of art. Just like taking one bead and making something someone will treasure for years. I am done hiding. I will post these writings here for all to see from time to time. Not all of them, but most. I do believe that no matter where my life goes I have a gift to share that I don't need a ghost writing name for.

This is what I started, a blog under my fictitious childhood name. Until recently, it held all my deepest feelings. A few in draft that I did not want to share even. I have always written. Jewelry creating for me filled a void that I could not fill with words. Sometimes words are too hard to get out or a person may not want them out for all to see. For years, I had writers block that was brought on by life's circumstances. That block has been blown to smithereens. When you create art, in jewelry form or any other, you are communicating your inner feelings to the world.

We strive for perfection of sorts and look for acceptance. It brings joy to know another appreciates what we have created. Artists are strong but at the same time vulnerable. This makes for a interesting combination that some people do not understand and even others may take advantage of. There are beautiful souls everywhere but when you are in the midst of an artists soul, you are blessed tenfold.

My best friend is a beautiful soul and you may read about her one day. She writes wonderfully. I tend to write about the earth around us and emotions. She can write wonderful stories that pull you in. When I have her permission, I will post her name here so when her writings are published you can be the first to know!

So, my ghost writing name...Abigail...Abigail the wall flower. Because in school, that is what I was. A wall flower, someone that never came out of the corner, someone that hid up against the wall at the school dances and someone who believed no one ever understood her. Except her best friend of course. Now, at this point in life it doesn't matter if anyone understands. If I write something you don't understand feel free to interpret it any way you want or you may directly ask me to let you in on the inner meanings.

I will no longer hide for in hiding no one gets to know the real me. I am forty one years old, been married a few times and I have love in my heart to share.


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