Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sign of Life

Good morning all,

I have been thinking recently on communication and how our computers link us together. Between email, social marketing sites, networks and nings we are never really out of touch. This brings me to the population of people that either chose to not have or use computers or who may not use them as much.

What if you are thousands of miles away from someone you care about? You email them, right? You may even call. If you have a cell phone you might even text them. How do you handle it if you don't hear back from them? It might be a day, it might be two days. How are you? Do you fret?

I admit I have. With some people I just know I will hear from them eventually and I don't worry. You know the saying "Don't sweat the small stuff"? My brother and I have an agreement that around the six week mark, its time to get in touch. So, why fret if you don't hear from someone for a day or two? Good question.

So, not sweating the small stuff. Right now, I feel like there is no small stuff. The seed pods that fall of the vines are amusement for my son and I. Thunderstorms are welcomed in and the doors stay open all night. The dog wants to play tug o' war for the fifth see, there is no small stuff really because without these things our lives would not be complete.

It's the little details, the little sweet things that make our life complete. So, back to signs of life. Don't let time go by without letting the ones you care about know this. Any sign of life is good.

Hugs and Take care!

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