Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hit Counter

Just a quick update! I forgot to let everyone know that the winner of the $50 gift certificate is Sharon C. from Wisconsin. Happy Shopping!!

Beautiful Balance

Good Tuesday Morning to all!

If you haven't checked in lately, be sure to visit my website http://www.bohemianglitz.com/ not only am I creating new designs but I have a whole new web layout! It is crisp, pleasing to the eye and as the days move forward so are we. Look for upcoming improvements such as drop down menus, live links, new shipping options and more!

Sometimes when you are the "do-it-all" things like computer work is last to get done. Unless, of course computers are your passion. My passion happens to be jewelry first, beads second. Jewelry only comes in first since my love of it began at a very early age. I remember at around the age of 12 my mother having some sort of home party for tupperware, avon or something of that nature. Honestly, I can't remember what the party was for. All I can remember is I was able to wear the most beautiful rhinestone bracelet that I had ever seen. Turns out, this was all part of a memory game.

Here's basically what went on: I was dressed in my "finery" (as fine as I could get at 12) with the fancy rhinestone bracelet on my wrist and I paraded around our living room carrying a round tray with objects laying on it. I had to go by each person in the room and let them look at the tray then, each guest had to try and list as many things on thier notepad that they could remember seeing. The catch here was the bracelet was an object they should have noted. I, of course, did not know this and had my hand under the tray part of the time.

I am sure there were other times even before that where jewelry was introduced to me since my mother had a love for it also. I grew up in the 80's and had all the big hoops and hair to prove it. Layered colors, multiple bracelets and lace anklet socks! I think what I really enjoyed the most was the fact that there was this attitude that "anything goes". To this day I push myself to think outside of the box with designs in every aspect.

Like most artists, we focus more on creating the art than creating a business. When beautiful art is created I believe people will take notice. So, in closing this month is balance month. I am learning new computer skills, taking better pictures and creating new designs. I am sincerely trying to do it all. Not only am I the designer and creator of jewelry but since I write the descriptions and photograph them I do a lot of computer work!

In addition to my growing business, I am a stay at home mother, a wife and all that it entails. I also have furry critters to care for. More than one of us needs special care and attention. I hope that you enjoy all the improvements happening on http://www.bohemianglitz.com/ and my postings here.

Balance and happiness to all!

Tera Vermillion

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hit Counter is at 25,000!

Hooray!!! The hit counter is at 25,002....the drawing for the gift certificate will only be open to those who are newsletter subscribers at this time and who respond to the notification that the hit counter is at 25,000. This reply would confirm they wish to participate in the drawing for the gift certificate. I am hoping this way the prize will not go unclaimed. Good luck to all:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friendly Reminder and "The Fine Print"

Good evening!! In regards to the upcoming drawing for a $50 gift certificate to be used at www.bohemianglitz.com: I will be emailing every newsletter subscriber to confirm receipt of email/notification of upcoming drawing. If you do not respond within three days your name will not go into the drawing. Please check your spam if you are not getting notifications. I am doing this to ensure that the winner is aware of the drawing and wants to participate. The gift certificate will expire in 9 years. No other restrictions will be set. If you wish to use the gift certificate on something listed in my artfire or etsy shop you can either email me and have me cancel your gift certificate and unlist the items from the appropriate store and mail them to you. OR purchase them so no one else beats you to it and I will issue you a refund. Then, I would cancel the gift certificate. I usually check my email several times a day and try to always respond the same day.

This is your first notification of the upcoming drawing, second will be an individual email. When the hit counter on my personal website hits 25,000 I will have a seperate party draw the winners name. I will notify you by email of your winnings. Please reply back so I know you have received this notification then, have fun shopping! Currently, the hit counter is at 24,925. I expect by this time tomorrow we will be at the magic number. The goal here was to spread the word about my one of a kind beaded jewelry and the website. I hope you all have enjoyed staying updated and please let me know of any feedback or suggestions.

You must be a newsletter subscriber at the time the hit counter hits 25,000 and a winner is drawn. No late additions please.

I now have a booth at a local craft mall-Finders Keepers in Newark, Ohio. If you had your eye on something and it no longer appears on the website it may be in the booth there. All of the purses have been moved to Finders Keepers. Please feel free to email me to see if it is still available or with any other questions.

Happy blogging, happy crafting and happy day!!

aka Bohemian Glitz, terabg.etsy.com