Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sale Sale Sale!!

I wanted to call the sale "Rainy Day Sale" or "I have to take new pictures sale" but on etsy all you have to do is simply create a coupon code and share it...

so here ya go!

Use coupon code RDS1101 from now until Nov 15th for 20% off in my etsy shop which you can visit here:
BohemianGlitzCo on Etsy

Happy shopping! and remember, each item is hand made and one of a kind.

Yours Truly,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Was Once Displayed in a Gallery

I was once displayed in a gallery

made to feel pretty and important

 displayed amongst blown glass and copper sculptures doing my time and having a blast
created with love by hand and made to be admired and looked at

hung with care on a silken cord

sitting there in the gallery I about lost my gord

but alas, I am just a thing
a pretty thing to hang about

I have no gord
No gourd
No lord
No lording
I have just sat
Galleries are not really all that
 but I miss them
I want to go back
to hang about with copper and glass this and that
Tera Lorraine Sept 19, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Its Been A Long Time

Good evening, its been a long time...didn't realize how long since I had published here. There's a bit of news on the jewelry front and the family side. Here we go....

I got married June 8th. I wont whine about how long it took to find him...I will say "thank god at last" ;) all joking aside, it was a perfect ceremony and we did it our way.

As for the jewelry, I still continue creating while I can. I've had a few set backs and things are getting busier with my little one entering school this year. I  am showcasing a collection of items at a local shop in Burien called Suite Assignments.

Here's a couple of creations you will see there if you stop by. The first one is a green agate and 14kt gold wrapped ring. The second is a bright orange agate 14kt gold ring surrounded by pearls and crystals.


I finished something new tonight...heres a stone chip necklace with glass leaves which look very much like daggers...?
My last sold item....peacock and potato pearl dangles on sterling silver hammered earrings

And one of my favorite designs still available in my etsy shop...mother of pearl discs hanging from oxidized sterling silver chain and wire wrapped onto copper earwires.

Last but not least...something a little fun. I bought myself a laptop this year that has a fun