Monday, March 31, 2014

Artist or Crafter?

Ever ask yourself that question? Are you an artist or a crafter ? Where do you draw the line?
I consider myself an artist. I create unique jewelry that no one else ever has and I have a keen eye to detail. I use the best materials I can get my hands on as well.

I put my heart and soul into what I create. I think that is a key factor to being an artist.
This lovely woven necklace went home with a was made by me, an artist.
When you buy something for yourself do you consider where it came from and choose it with care knowing the person on the receiving end will treasure it just like you did when you created it?

Happy Monday,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's New!

What's new is reinventing the old. Taking a fresh look at my own creations and reinventing them. As my process and techniques have changed I look back on what I previously created and while I like what I see I know I can create so much more.

Today I took a pair of dangles that I never hung on earwires and I finished them. They sat around for about 13 months or more. I am extremely pleased with how they turned out. Below is a set of pictures of another pair that I reinvented today. The rose quartz stones were on gold plated posts with the seed beads. I removed the stone from the wire, strung them on gold plated beadalon jewelers wire with more of the lovely gold lined seed beads. I included a vintage gold bead, 14 kt gold twisted jump rings and hung them on earwires I formed out of 14 kt gold wire.

Happy Creating!!