Sunday, December 30, 2012

The new year is coming to a close and its time to be thinking of next years goals. I pondered a bit this last year over my creative ventures, what to keep doing and what not to. I closed up my UsTrendy and then had slight remorse. I prefer not to give up on a site but I can only keep up with so much. I had been approached by a California online boutique so started a shop presence there and soon after found that I could not contact them. I reclaimed an old domain name and couldn't be more tickled with that.

I began writing more, doing open mics and workshops. I published in print once and missed one deadline to be published in print again by the same entity. OOPS. A story I began writing over 12 years ago peaked my interests and I decided to attack it with a renewed vision. So far, I have fourteen pages front and back hand written. Yes, I am writing it in a notebook unlike many who are using computers. I don't have to worry about finding wifi.

I've been involved for the last few years with fundraising for Parent Trust. Below is a photo from the wine and cheese event and more recently, I assisted and had great fun at The Mad Hatter Tea Party. I painted faces, decorated tables and recorded during the auction. 

I am sure this next year will be a great one and I will continue on with writing, creating, donating time and creativity except by mid June I will be doing so as Mrs...yes, I got engaged! Have never been happier...stay tuned.

Peace, love and hoping your year is filled with many positives!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Awesome Photography by Scott Williams

I riffled thru photos online trying to determine the best words to describe  Scott Williams style and work. I had to message him to choose a photo to use with this post because I truly could not decide which was my favorite. He is able to photograph sports, weddings and nature to name a few. This shows his diverse talent  as a photographer and for bringing life to any image.

He captures angles and breathtaking colors in every photo no matter what or whom his subject is. Still life, style and grace within mountains and floral arrangements reveal an ethereal clarity. Offer up a pose, an event and he will capture every nuance and texture.

I believe photography is an art form. It takes a special eye, timing and patience in addition to training. I personally endorse and recognize Scott's talents and professionalism. Check out his link and contact him to assist you in preserving your finest memories.

I don't think the skies in Seattle ever looked so good, wouldn't you agree? This is Scott's favorite which comes in close second to his other and my favorite which is shown here below.

Enjoy your upcoming holidays and stay tuned for more revealing posts on very talented people.