Saturday, March 27, 2010

Getting Ready for a Move

We have all done it, moved. The big ugly "M" word. I am happy to be moving this time and can't wait for June to come! I am hanging out in Ohio long enough for my daughter to graduate then, I am hitting the road!

I moved here with a 26 ft moving van that was nearly full and will be leaving with just a jeep full. In it will be me, my teenage daughter, my toddler, my dog, one cat, 2 sewing machines and as much other stuff as we can fit. On top will be my sons trike and wagon along with whatever else the roof rack will hold. Watch out for me! You won't be able to miss me.

It will be an adventure on the road to a new chapter in my life that I am very much looking forward to. So, stay tuned...more yet to come.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful rain filled morning and I have much to accomplish! Sometimes, I am thankful that the rain comes because then I can focus on indoor tasks. While I do love the rain, it does damper things just a bit when you think about walking miles and miles with a toddler just for the sake of getting out.

I am preparing for a move this summer so should be spending my days cleaning my basement. Of all the fun filled activities...hahahaha, I am not going to finish that sentence. Really, the fun comes when you find something in a box you had forgotten you have and it is from let's say, Junior High.

Even in all my moves and life changes I have seemed to hold onto things that I once thought were important that really don't need hanging onto. For instance, I do not need my brothers report cards from Grade school to Senior year! I will blame my mother partially for this pack rat mentality I have. I will let go of many things in the next two months and I look forward to it.

How many of you have looked around your place and thought to yourself... "My things are overtaking me?" I am not to that point but it is close. It is not even a matter of how many things you have necessarily, for I don't think I have any more than most. It has something to do with where your mind is at and where you want to go.

I want to let go so I may move on physically and mentally very easily and somewhat quickly. The decision to move was made months ago and I still have months to wait before the move happens. I look forward to it with sweet anticipation.

Happy Crafting, Happy Monday and Hugs to all!

Friday, March 12, 2010

March Contest Question on Facebook

Be sure to visit Bohemian Glitz on Facebook , join the group and answer March's contest question! Each month I post a contest question, usually worth "$5" and often, there is a bonus question.

The rules: you must be a member of the group to win, "dollars" are not actually currency but more like points to be spent on items in any of my shops, even etsy. Just post your answer directly under the contest question for the month and wait for confirmation that you are correct!

I will keep track of points for you if you wish to save them up!