Sunday, May 23, 2010

Facebook Page

Good Sunday morning!

March and May's contest questions which are posted on the Bohemian Glitz page on Facebook are yet to be answered. Any member of the group can answer, just post your reply on the wall under the question. I will keep these monthly contest questions open until they are correctly answered.

Each correct answer is worth "$5", not actual dollars but more like points to be spent on any of my designs on any of the sites I sell on. I will save these points up for you or you may spend them right away.

Please spread the word about the group so we may grow! Feel free to post questions, comments and check out the discussions tab. I always love to get feedback.

Good luck!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Do You Do At Three Thirty in The Morning?

If you are me, you are writing at three thirty in the morning. Yard sale looming just hours away, signs not done because you left the markers at the neighbors house....What do you do at three thirty in the morning?

I really should be sleeping. I am thinking though of this evenings earlier phone conversations.

I posed a question...."What then, after that?" It's nice to know that at least the first steps are in place to forgiveness. I have left the door open and we shall see. I am wondering if I need to be forgiven as well. I did react and showed my hurt....I spoke some truths, at least from my side.

There is always more than one side to a story but without communication, all we can do is piece together our own truth as we see it. If it is not accurate, is it our fault? In a way, yes.

For a while, silence worked. Silence is actually a sweet thing when shared with someone. You can sit in silence together, on a phone, hear their breath and feel them. If you can do this, then forgiveness should be easy.

Humility comes into play in forgiveness. One must be humble to appreciate the beautiful silence that is shared between two. One must be patient to sit and wait for the silence.

That leads me to my next thought, since I have already been impatient I know the first thing I must ask forgiveness for. Second, I must ask forgiveness for acting out of hurt. We do this all the time so you may be wondering why this is a concern of mine.

I once had someone say to me "Don't mistake love for feelings that have gone unchecked." In this case, I need to be forgiven and forgive myself for unchecked emotions~hurt which resulted in anger.

Luckily, as I have taken back control of my life the anger has subsided. Knowing I have done this on my own is satisfying to an extent. Asking for help and accepting help have always been a bit foreign to me. I am, after all still a work in progress. I figure I have another forty years or so left before I am complete.

Blessings to all,
aka Abigail The Wall Flower

Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Evening!

I am wondering just how many of you spend hours and hours on your computer and leave the television virtually untouched? Between Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, My Blogs and email I admit I do sit here quite a bit.

I have just over 30 days before I hit the road and I will not have access to a computer for about four days. Whatever shall I do??? Today, I loaded all of my contacts from my address book into my cell phone. Upon doing so, I discovered I really need to clean up my address book! Yikes....

I am in Ohio, three hours ahead of most of the people I would visit with. So while my decency tells me don't call because it's late, I realize even though its 11pm here its only 8pm back there....I believe when I hit the road to return to my home state I will feel relief. I can imagine as I drive closer and closer wanting to drive longer hours each day just to get there faster.

I will keep you all posted....