Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monthly Contest!

Anyone who wants to have a chance to win "$" to be spent on my handcrafted jewelry please join Bohemian Glitz on Facebook.

The next monthly contest question will be post on Jan 11th at 8:45pm online at Bohemian Glitz's Facebook page, please join us!

The first person to respond with the correct answer to the question either by email or posting the answer under the question in the "comment" area wins "$5" to spend on the Bohemian Glitz website. "Dollars" can be saved up towards a future purchase.

This contest is only open to Bohemian Glitz's facebook followers.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Day After Christmas

In case you haven't realized it yet, Christmas has come and gone. I enjoyed the mayhem, the last minute gifts, the midnight gift wrapping and of course eating waaaay too many goodies.

"Jesus is the reason for the season" is a quote I read at candlelight service that I have seen a few times before. Jesus is the reason for the season. If you read that outloud a few times over I believe your voice will get quieter but more sure of itself as you do. I believe in this quote.

For the children, it's all about Santa. For the adults, it's also about pleasing the ones around us and seeing the smiles on the little ones faces. But undoubtably, Jesus doesn't leave our hearts even in the hustle and bustle of the holiday.

I am very fortunate to have a teenager that is not "label hungry", to have a toddler who awes at wooden planes and a mother in law who makes awesome cookies who also happens to have a significant other who makes even more awesome carrot cake. I am fortunate to have a husband who puts up with my ranting about the things that need to be cleaned and put in order before company comes.

I am thankful for so many simple things. My dog who lets my toddler put his finger in his nose, snow for Christmas and good friends. I hope you and your family had a blessed holiday and find many things to be thankful for this year.

Peace and Happiness,

PS I am thankful to have found the time to finish a pearl necklace I started last week. If the light is right tomorrow, I can photo it and post pictures.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Almost Christmas

Good morning all,

Hope this Sunday is finding you rested and peaceful. Here I sit at my computer still in my pjs relishing the rare morning that my husband is here to occupy the little one. In all reality, he's not so little. He will be two in March and has been wearing toddler sized clothes for a bit now.

I find myself keeping him up later just to see him run and smile. Simple little pleasures that mean so much. I know from experience that these days will pass all too soon. My daughter will be eighteen next week! I still get the occasional smile along with the eye roll. However, I thank my blessings every time I see her doing a chore I didn't have to ask her to do since I am pulled in many directions by a roaming toddler that is discovering everything!

He does his part to help in the house by putting the dogs dish in the sink when its empty, dumping everything he can onto the floor so I can put it away, smelling the candles and putting the in between the couch cushions to make it smell yummy. He has even tried to put the leash on the dogs to walk them. My favorite is when he throws all his toys into the tub so mom can enjoy them.

As for the jewelry designing, I do have a small collection started that has not yet been photoed. I am so scattered in my designs that I believe I will categorize my site eventually by style instead of by the usual necklace/earrings/bracelet and such. I think every woman or man for that matter can reinvent themselves almost daily and jewelry is one way to do that. We decorate our homes, why not decorate ourselves?

I personally never leave home without earrings on. Often, I also pile on the bracelets and favor short necklaces over long ones since I have a little one I have to carry around and dogs in the house that like to chase me when we are playing piggy back.

When things quiet down and I finish the chores, run to the store for sewing needles, research personal papers, see the husband off to work, I will finish the pearl and sterling silver flower necklace I have started and post a picture for you all to enjoy. In the meantime, enjoy the picture of my little one. Notice all his bling. He has his own collection he likes to pile on all at the same time. Maybe he's the next big designer!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Balance with Buckeye's

Yes, you read right. Balance with buckeye's. A catchy phrase if you ask me. I intend on disappearing to my living room with hot tea and a pile of buckeye's as big as my stomach can take.

If you have never had buckeye's do make sure to add them to your holiday eating list. Chocolate and peanut butter never tasted so good. So, how does this topic get into a blog written by a jewelry designer? I think in my other life I may have been sweets taster.

Balance is so important, especially with the upcoming holidays. Hustle and bustle about but remember to do it with balance...and buckeye's. In my travels to our local library I keep picking up books on balance and I never seem to find time to read them. Something about a toddler in the house that sometimes doesn't nap that keeps me so busy I forget about the books.

Speaking of toddlers, my little one needs his monkey that is getting dried in the dryer. So, off I go to deliver a favorite bedtime friend. Blessings to you all and I hope you have had a Thanksgiving to be thankful for. Remember to look ahead with a heart filled with optimism.

Wow! I hear squealing...better run!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

News!! New Site Design!!

Elation! I have been working once again with up and coming web designer Melinda H. and we are very near putting the finishing touches on my website.

I can't say that zencart has been my most favorite thing to work with. We have considered at times ditching the whole site and starting fresh but alas, we may not have to. Simplicity is key. Black, grey, white, gradients, slide show and more....I think we may have just found the answer to dressing up a template.

Trying to think outside of the box when your working in boxes, literally...well, it's a challenge. I am admittedly not a coder, so please everyone a round of applause and a big pat on the back to Melinda for her patience!

I am still taking new pictures and resizing so the site is faster and the pictures are cleaner looking. I hope you all take a moment to peek in and send me an email with suggestions or comments.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Special Offer!

Within the last ten minutes I have notified my newsletter subscribers and tweeted about this special offer. I wanted to share this with anyone who might want pink crystal earrings at no charge. Please visit the link to view the earrings and read how:

Clearly Crystal in Pink.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Monday

Here it is, another start to a week....I did succeed at completing a few things today including listing two more items online. I can't say the weekend was all that productive but it was fun. Mums the word on what we did.

What I can tell you is that my daughter and I shopped at a vintage store in Clintonville, Ohio named Mad4Mod. Mad is what you would be if you had to navigate this store on your own. They are so chuck full of clothes, shoes and accessories that you feel like you are being overtaken. We did have one poufy blue dress that kept springing to life every time we got near it. Fortunately, the sales staff are so helpful and knowledgeable that you don't have to navigate on your own. You would literally need days to search through the inventory.

We did find a lovely 1950's Mexican wedding dress that my daughter fell in love with. For her to fall in love with any dress is spectacular. The dress is a chocolate brown cotton with a lot of lace which is why we also brought home a slip. It is to be for prom which I know is a still a long time in coming but since she loved it, the dress came home with us. Here's a peek....the best I could fit it in since it is long and flowing.

Hope your Monday's a happy one!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wandering Creations

I am wondering just how many artists begin with a clear picture of what their ending peice will actually look like. I often find myself beginning something and thinking that it will be a bracelet when in fact when I am done it has transformed into a necklace. Something about the creation process is fulfilling even if you don't end up with what you thought you originally would.

Currently, I am working on a woven peice that was to be a bracelet that then was going to be a small pouch and now is almost a completed necklace. I am not sure if anything what this says about me. Except I can "go with the flow" and I am spontaneous. When the necklace is complete I will post pictures here for you to see. It is still a work in progress and I imagine it will take a few more days to finish. This is mostly due to the path I will take to get to the "end" and a little to do with the time it actually takes to weave.

A simple woven bracelet can take 2 hours to complete while more intricate patterns can take 6 to 9 hours. If your ever in my neck of the woods, possibly we can sit down together and start a project.....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's a Sad Day

If you have ever had the love of a dog you know how loyal and sweet they can be. Bernard was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. This morning, I sadly had to lay him to rest. He was five years young but was unable to lift himself or walk even half a block. I sat with him and cried as he went to doggy heaven. Thank you to the kind vet and assistants at the Alexandria Animal Hospital. Bernard is now out of pain and in a happy place.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Midnight Madness

Tomorrow from 8pm until midnight you can find me at the Finders Keepers Mall in Heath, Ohio for Midnight Madness. There will be sale prices on everything in the store, my own booth will be 20% off and there will be artists on hand to show their craft. It will be a great time for all! Pictured is a clay heart I created that is hung on beadalon wire with bone and is secured with a mother of pearl shell nugget. I will be taking this item to the mall for the event.

If you have never been to Finders Keepers you are missing out on hours and hours of shopping, browsing, wonderful sights and scents. Candles, jewelry, antiques, furniture and more fill the extremely large store.

If your anywhere near Heath, I would love for you to join us! Don't be shy, walk right up and introduce yourself. I love to mix, mingle and meet new people. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brushyfork Campground Music Fest

Today's show at Brushyfork Campground to sum it up was super great music and nice weather! What more can you ask for? More people! The music truly was wonderful. However, so many people were waiting for the main show (Andy Griggs) to sing that very little people showed up earlier in the day. The performers kept the beat, the spirit of the day and thier sense of humor. Kudos and high five to them!

In closing, I'm tired, its been a long but fun day. I met a few new people and sold a few pieces of jewelry. I got to spend time with my daughter and my little boy so, all is good. Here's hoping for fabulous fall weather just a little longer!

Friday, October 2, 2009

In the Midst

Sometimes in the midst of things
you loose a little of yourself
slowly a piece here of there
until one day you don't recognize yourself anymore


One word can mean so much
an event that begins a chain of events
that seem to unfold in front of you
without even an effort


in the midst of things
you feel like your in a fog
in order to come out of the blur
you throw your fists up and shake the chains


without struggle there would be no effort
no moving forward
certainly no moving on
they are two seperate entities


knowing what you have done
and knowing there is no going back
claiming your life and grabbing onto your heart
with all your might


acknowledging your past, present and future
they collide into eachother and mesh
this is not always a smooth existence


I am not there yet
but within the struggle there is awareness and acceptance
I am moving forward into peace

Original written work by Tera Vermillion 10/3/09 12:54am

Monday, September 28, 2009

Flowers of December

Flowers of December
White Roses
and can you
the nights
that we spent
just holding eachother

Author-Tera Vermillion 1986


Oh how I want to go back
to blissful ignorance
before woes and worries
skipping along in time to
the music box twang
twiddle de

I'm back
in amongst it I gaze
in joyous wonderment
clear sparkling skies
blossoms opening before
my eyes

dadadadada tweedle de

it sings to me

falling to rest on my knee
the music carries me
dadadadada dream

I forget what I seek
only remembering the
twang and tweak
of the branches bending
to reach the wandering creek
minnows chase me
as I wade to ease
the burden of my feet


I acknowledge silence
I stop to hear
badaba dum
keeping in time with
my inner drum

Author-me, Tera Vermillion 830pm 7/21/05

Little Bear *Original Poem by me, Tera Vermillion dtd 1990

Little bear of golden fur
Would it ever occur to you
that I need a hug?
Someone to stand by me
Someone who cares
Oh little bear of golden fur
Tomorrow seems such a blur
kneel down my friend
sit by me on the rug
Talk with me and watch
My shoulders shrug
Told you little brown bear of golden fur
Tomorrow seems such a blur
Don't know where I am going
don't know what I've done
Just know I'm not having any fun
Oh little bear of golden fur
Be sincere
tell me what does tomorrow hold?
I have no plans to keep
Can't even leave
I'm not that bold
Oh little bear
lie down beside me now
While I sleep

Author-me, Tera Vermillion dataed 5/10/1990

Poem for the Day

Hello my love
in flight
is the dove
a shadow
a crease
causes the bad
to cease
and all is serene
are you keen
on the idea of
a wonderful sight
a magnificent light
the dove in flight

Written in Nov, 1986
by me, Tera

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Copper Faced Goddess

This beauty is a polymer clay faced I created from a mold I made myself. She sat waiting for me to create something worthy of her copper god likeness and one day last week....voila'! Goldstone, copper seed beads, bronze and yellow crystals look spectacular when set with her and the pretty copper bali style toggle. She will be listed in my Artfire shop for all to see.

Hope your all having a fantastic day!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Silly Stupid Love and Balance

I have read statements on blogs from the writers that read something like this "you don't want to hear about me or my life" or "I'm just going to write about business stuff"...well, as an creative minded person writing a blog I have a problem with that. A blog is a place to market your art but its also a place to rant, vent, persuade, get your beliefs across to others and otherwise give the outside world a little window into yours. So, if your reading this and you want to read about business stuff, paperwork, marketing, a weaving pattern or the hot colors for fall then, today is the wrong day to be reading this. Which by the way, I read purple is the color to be seen in this season.

Today will be a more personal view into my thoughts and perspective. Artists and creative persons use everything in their life to learn from and get inspired from. Sometimes, we simply get revved up. A lot of day to day things get me revved up. Injustice, impatience and rudeness just to name a few. I also have a dry sense of humor and try and inject it into everything. Humor sometimes is a cover up but it can also be a saviour. It can be a great thing to look at things light heartedly for a change. I don't know about all creative minds but I know I analyze everything. I also consider myself a fixer. Now I am not a carpenter, I am not literally a fixer of things.

In high school when we had to write a statement for yearbook mine read something like "I want to touch the lives of all people I meet." That still holds true. So, here's an injustice for you, you may have found statements on the internet speaking about a certain "lampworker" ( I use the term lightly) buying lampwork beads created by others and then reselling them as her own. Once she was found out of course, she back lashed with false accusations about tax fraud and such. What an ugly person to have to run into. The injustice here would also be if she gets away with it. There is a legal fund you can donate to if you would like to help those that have been victims. Simply search around enough and you will find it.

Here's a simple rudeness for you, I was trying to cross the street with my friend and our two children both under the age of three and the truck at the stop sign didn't even wait for us to get across before he went through the intersection and had to swerve into the other lane to miss us. Impatience. If I had had eggs with me I would have been launching them directly at his truck.

So, there I have done my little rant. Let's move on to the next topic of discussion. Silly stupid love. It makes us do all kinds of crazy, irrational things. No one ever said love would be easy. I don't know what ever made me think that. Love is constant work, sacrifice, commitment and hopefully mutually rewarding. Being in love in it's silly state of blindness is fantastic. Until something goes haywire. Outside influences for example. There is a thought for the day-don't let outside influences ruin love. Trust one another, talk to one another and work hard to devote time to yourself and one another.

Once you have had that first true love I don't believe you can ever get that "feeling" again. Now, I am waiting for my inbox to flood with angry outbursts. Hold on a second while I go look...just kidding. This isn't posted yet. See? Humor. First love is innocent, trusting, blind and all involving. Your first love you never forget. You will search your whole life and not find another like it. There's a reason for that. We have not yet been disillusioned when we have experienced our first love. Being young and having first love goes hand in hand so then, you have to throw in the "I am invincible" factor. Remember outside influences? Yeah, stupid love forgot to protect itself against that.

Remember first and foremost if you are in love, in a relationship or have a friend remember to listen to your partner, friend or lover. Really listen not just with open ears but an open heart. Don't let humor mask your feelings if at all possible. Do make sure you spend every waking moment being the best you can be, always improving and forgiving those that need forgiveness. If you can hang on to your first love then, you are the luckiest person in the world.

Next, we arrive at life as it is. You know how it goes, one day you simply realize that life is just what it is. You have made it what it is in a way so, if you are not satisfied with it then set plans into motion to improve it. Just remember not to be impatient, unjust or rude along the way.

Every once in a while I may share a poem with you that I have written~here comes my one and only published poem. Feel free to share it with others but don't claim it for your own. It is protected by copyright law.

Tera Vermillion

Poem title "Curves of your Lips"

Curves of your lips
long to be kissed
by me
or maybe
I long to kiss
the curves
of your sweet neck
to your ears
oh, what fear
when sprinkles drop
a tear
then, a hand caresses
your face
a painters dream

This poem is deliberately broken up to be read slowly. Hope you enjoyed and as the time goes on I will share more. Unless, of course I end up with angry emails in my inbox.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Frist Yippppeeee.....error 28 is no more! Take a peek at my site and it looks great! We hope to still get the drop down menu implemented but it is a far cry better than it was! Funny how you don't know how "bad" something is until you improve it. Who knew that removing purple moving petals and adding green "wallpaper" would make such a difference?

Another yipppeeee....I attended the annual bead show over the weekend and purchased some fantastic 8mm pearls, agate, crystal and more. I am looking forward to going to another in Cinncinnati at the end of October. I just love gem and bead shows! You get the best of the best at the best prices! Who could resist handling pearls vs shopping on the internet? Which I do that too.

Third yippppeee....we hit the drag strip to watch qualifying runs after the bead show. Yeah, I know. Seems out of place doesn't it? But its really not~my dad raced cars and I practically grew up in the pits. We didn't stay long since the little one had to nap but just hearing the thunderous roar was fantastic. It's so loud that it makes your chest vibrate! It reminds you that your alive!

Last yippeeee for today~it took 2 days but my son finally took a nap longer than an hour. Whew! he was starting to tire me out. It's hard work chasing after a little one.

Signing off for now,


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jack of All Trades

Wowzer! Is all I have to say...I have worked side by side with a web consultant for over two weeks now to reconstruct my site. New template, new colors, texture, moving and resizing, drop down menu, footer nav and so on and so on.....

All was good until yesterday. Error 28 is haunting my site. Seems to be a temporary file or host file size problem. Not something I have done. However, out of frustration I have gone backwards and undone some of our work, hoping this would bring the site back to functional. It comes and goes. When it feels like it. Kinda like a teenager or a wandering boyfriend. Like the analogy there? I am trying to keep my sense of humor.

Amongst taking care of my little one, my teenager, my husband, my animals, the house and all it site is misbehaving badly. So very sad.....

I hope anyone checking in to browse or shop will come back again. I am hoping to have this corrected by this evening. In the meantime, my etsy and artfire shops are still going.

I like to be hands on so I can navigate, lay out, change, and so on most things on my own site without having to go to someone else for help. This really shouldn't be this difficult. Can someone out there please stomp all over error 28!?!?*?&!!

To all you independent artists out there: I hope you never have a site crash. It's a sickening feeling.
To all the supporters of independent artist: Please be patient with "us" and be sure to come back time and time again.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

New items added today!

Hey! hey! I feel like shouting it out....I am adding new items to my site today. Here is one of my favorites~a stunning and edgy design with stick pearls and garnet. Be sure to visit often as I am still working on site improvements:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hit Counter

Just a quick update! I forgot to let everyone know that the winner of the $50 gift certificate is Sharon C. from Wisconsin. Happy Shopping!!

Beautiful Balance

Good Tuesday Morning to all!

If you haven't checked in lately, be sure to visit my website not only am I creating new designs but I have a whole new web layout! It is crisp, pleasing to the eye and as the days move forward so are we. Look for upcoming improvements such as drop down menus, live links, new shipping options and more!

Sometimes when you are the "do-it-all" things like computer work is last to get done. Unless, of course computers are your passion. My passion happens to be jewelry first, beads second. Jewelry only comes in first since my love of it began at a very early age. I remember at around the age of 12 my mother having some sort of home party for tupperware, avon or something of that nature. Honestly, I can't remember what the party was for. All I can remember is I was able to wear the most beautiful rhinestone bracelet that I had ever seen. Turns out, this was all part of a memory game.

Here's basically what went on: I was dressed in my "finery" (as fine as I could get at 12) with the fancy rhinestone bracelet on my wrist and I paraded around our living room carrying a round tray with objects laying on it. I had to go by each person in the room and let them look at the tray then, each guest had to try and list as many things on thier notepad that they could remember seeing. The catch here was the bracelet was an object they should have noted. I, of course, did not know this and had my hand under the tray part of the time.

I am sure there were other times even before that where jewelry was introduced to me since my mother had a love for it also. I grew up in the 80's and had all the big hoops and hair to prove it. Layered colors, multiple bracelets and lace anklet socks! I think what I really enjoyed the most was the fact that there was this attitude that "anything goes". To this day I push myself to think outside of the box with designs in every aspect.

Like most artists, we focus more on creating the art than creating a business. When beautiful art is created I believe people will take notice. So, in closing this month is balance month. I am learning new computer skills, taking better pictures and creating new designs. I am sincerely trying to do it all. Not only am I the designer and creator of jewelry but since I write the descriptions and photograph them I do a lot of computer work!

In addition to my growing business, I am a stay at home mother, a wife and all that it entails. I also have furry critters to care for. More than one of us needs special care and attention. I hope that you enjoy all the improvements happening on and my postings here.

Balance and happiness to all!

Tera Vermillion

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hit Counter is at 25,000!

Hooray!!! The hit counter is at 25,002....the drawing for the gift certificate will only be open to those who are newsletter subscribers at this time and who respond to the notification that the hit counter is at 25,000. This reply would confirm they wish to participate in the drawing for the gift certificate. I am hoping this way the prize will not go unclaimed. Good luck to all:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friendly Reminder and "The Fine Print"

Good evening!! In regards to the upcoming drawing for a $50 gift certificate to be used at I will be emailing every newsletter subscriber to confirm receipt of email/notification of upcoming drawing. If you do not respond within three days your name will not go into the drawing. Please check your spam if you are not getting notifications. I am doing this to ensure that the winner is aware of the drawing and wants to participate. The gift certificate will expire in 9 years. No other restrictions will be set. If you wish to use the gift certificate on something listed in my artfire or etsy shop you can either email me and have me cancel your gift certificate and unlist the items from the appropriate store and mail them to you. OR purchase them so no one else beats you to it and I will issue you a refund. Then, I would cancel the gift certificate. I usually check my email several times a day and try to always respond the same day.

This is your first notification of the upcoming drawing, second will be an individual email. When the hit counter on my personal website hits 25,000 I will have a seperate party draw the winners name. I will notify you by email of your winnings. Please reply back so I know you have received this notification then, have fun shopping! Currently, the hit counter is at 24,925. I expect by this time tomorrow we will be at the magic number. The goal here was to spread the word about my one of a kind beaded jewelry and the website. I hope you all have enjoyed staying updated and please let me know of any feedback or suggestions.

You must be a newsletter subscriber at the time the hit counter hits 25,000 and a winner is drawn. No late additions please.

I now have a booth at a local craft mall-Finders Keepers in Newark, Ohio. If you had your eye on something and it no longer appears on the website it may be in the booth there. All of the purses have been moved to Finders Keepers. Please feel free to email me to see if it is still available or with any other questions.

Happy blogging, happy crafting and happy day!!

aka Bohemian Glitz,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Please take time to check out my other blog...Eco Friendly Arts....I accidentally rambled on there when I should have posted my ramblings here. Either way, it was good to ramble. I hope your all having a mighty fine creative day! As long as your here, enjoy this picture of Bernard he's one of our husky mix's. So peaceful, sleeping in the sun.
Take care!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Step Away!

Sometimes, you really need to just step away. Wether it be from business, the kids, the kitchen~just step away! Having a little balance in your life is healthy. That is why a few times a week I walk five miles or more on any given day. Great exercise, fresh air and usually lunch out. This also means a learning time for me and my little one. He is just beginning to walk, gets super excited when you introduce him to something new and would rather stay up than sleep and miss out on something. This is balance. Hearing the squeals of a little one, buying paint instead of beads, crawling on foam strawberries with your little one or pulling the toys off the shelf at your local toy store.

Balance is important for all of us. The babe can't walk steady just yet. You know the term "walking like a drunken sailor"? That's my babe. Balance is so important to him as well. That's why today, while I am preparing for market he's playing with Dad!!

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday and finding balance in your life.

aka BohemianGlitz

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have to admit, I do have several sites going on....some for selling, some for connecting, some for marketing and some just for fun. One site that I love that is easy to use and you do not shop from it is For any of you that haven't heard of it~check it out. You can peruse the collection of clothes, accessories and jewelry. Designers have portfolios that you can vote on and it's heaven for window shoppers! Imagine looking at all the finest new attire without feeling the pressure of buying. For some lucky designer, they may even get a chance to have their creations made on a large scale. Talk about marketing!

To see my portfolio click here:

I have even included some of my private collection so you can see what I usually wear. Pictured here is a pair of earrings that I wear a LOT. Sometimes, they don't even get put away. I haven't blogged there in a while but I have added pictures somewhat recently.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chance to win gift certificate!

Spread the News!

I am running a special promo : I am working towards my 25,000th hit on the website counter. Currently, I am at 19,240. Please help spread the word about the site! When I hit 25,000 hits ALL newsletter subscribers will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate.

*Rules: you must have an account so I can email the certificate to you. This doesn’t mean you have to make a purchase, just that you have created an account. It’s just little ole’ me working the site here and every once in a while my website developer peeks in to help me out. Your information isn’t shared with anyone. We have security measures. The account enables you and I to track purchases, give discounts, email newsletters, things like that.

To enter for a chance to win the $50 gift certificate go to and create an account. That's it. When my counter hits 25,000 I will have a winner randomly picked out of all the newsletter subscribers. I send out newsletters once a month. Occasionally, twice if something special is going on I need to alert you to. Newsletter subscribers may get advance notice of items being added, always are notified of sales, promos and contests.

Thank you!
aka Bohemian Glitz

Monday, May 11, 2009

Marketing Your Craft and Other Stuff

Quite possibly, I am not the one that should be writing about this subject. I am a stay at home mom, have many responsibilites including two children both with thier own "special needs". I have been working on or with computers since 1985. You would think I would be a pro by now. Just the opposite! I get by. Up until a few years ago, I didn't even realize how much information you could look up on the internet. When I took my first computer class you had to enter mathematical equations to create pinwheel black and white flowers. Nowadays, I am sure there are third graders that could create better blog pages than I.

I create jewelry. I certainly do not spend enough time marketing myself and if I do possiblly not in the correct places or not enough....Have you heard of my site? If you have, then maybe I am doing something right. Somewhere in the day to day goings on of chores, bills, kids, animals, I create. Sometimes, I find time to tweet, post on facebook, indiepublic, americancraftguide or ustrendy. But I still don't know how to do a beautiful blog page for example:

Visit this site and you will see what I am talking about. Not only does she create beautiful jewelry, take amazing photos but she does market! Blog! Shine! I would love to sit down together with her or anyone like her over coffee and learn a little. I should have named this blog "Help Me" !

Anyone looking for ooak jewelry or pouches please take a moment to visit my site: Here is what one customer has said about her items she bought:

"I got my necklace!!! I absolutly love it!!! thank you so much for the pouches, those will be perfect for my trip coming up!!!! OH and I love the bracelet you know me too well!!! Thank you so much!! I gave your card to my mom to give to a lady she works with, I know she will love your stuff, her name is T*** A***, so I hope you get some orders from her!!! Have a great day!!!"

If you would like to see other feedback, please visit

In closing, I can tell you word of mouth is the best! Marketing online still gets around because people share your links. That is still word of mouth that is definetely faster than face to face! So, if you are looking for places to market yourself and your handcrafted items you can try:facebook, twitter, indiepublic, americancraftguide, diyscene, others that I have not mentioned feel free to email me with them!

Thanks so much for reading this, supporting your artists and our efforts to create handmade unique items!