Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Monday

Here it is, another start to a week....I did succeed at completing a few things today including listing two more items online. I can't say the weekend was all that productive but it was fun. Mums the word on what we did.

What I can tell you is that my daughter and I shopped at a vintage store in Clintonville, Ohio named Mad4Mod. Mad is what you would be if you had to navigate this store on your own. They are so chuck full of clothes, shoes and accessories that you feel like you are being overtaken. We did have one poufy blue dress that kept springing to life every time we got near it. Fortunately, the sales staff are so helpful and knowledgeable that you don't have to navigate on your own. You would literally need days to search through the inventory.

We did find a lovely 1950's Mexican wedding dress that my daughter fell in love with. For her to fall in love with any dress is spectacular. The dress is a chocolate brown cotton with a lot of lace which is why we also brought home a slip. It is to be for prom which I know is a still a long time in coming but since she loved it, the dress came home with us. Here's a peek....the best I could fit it in since it is long and flowing.

Hope your Monday's a happy one!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wandering Creations

I am wondering just how many artists begin with a clear picture of what their ending peice will actually look like. I often find myself beginning something and thinking that it will be a bracelet when in fact when I am done it has transformed into a necklace. Something about the creation process is fulfilling even if you don't end up with what you thought you originally would.

Currently, I am working on a woven peice that was to be a bracelet that then was going to be a small pouch and now is almost a completed necklace. I am not sure if anything what this says about me. Except I can "go with the flow" and I am spontaneous. When the necklace is complete I will post pictures here for you to see. It is still a work in progress and I imagine it will take a few more days to finish. This is mostly due to the path I will take to get to the "end" and a little to do with the time it actually takes to weave.

A simple woven bracelet can take 2 hours to complete while more intricate patterns can take 6 to 9 hours. If your ever in my neck of the woods, possibly we can sit down together and start a project.....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's a Sad Day

If you have ever had the love of a dog you know how loyal and sweet they can be. Bernard was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. This morning, I sadly had to lay him to rest. He was five years young but was unable to lift himself or walk even half a block. I sat with him and cried as he went to doggy heaven. Thank you to the kind vet and assistants at the Alexandria Animal Hospital. Bernard is now out of pain and in a happy place.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Midnight Madness

Tomorrow from 8pm until midnight you can find me at the Finders Keepers Mall in Heath, Ohio for Midnight Madness. There will be sale prices on everything in the store, my own booth will be 20% off and there will be artists on hand to show their craft. It will be a great time for all! Pictured is a clay heart I created that is hung on beadalon wire with bone and is secured with a mother of pearl shell nugget. I will be taking this item to the mall for the event.

If you have never been to Finders Keepers you are missing out on hours and hours of shopping, browsing, wonderful sights and scents. Candles, jewelry, antiques, furniture and more fill the extremely large store.

If your anywhere near Heath, I would love for you to join us! Don't be shy, walk right up and introduce yourself. I love to mix, mingle and meet new people. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brushyfork Campground Music Fest

Today's show at Brushyfork Campground to sum it up was super great music and nice weather! What more can you ask for? More people! The music truly was wonderful. However, so many people were waiting for the main show (Andy Griggs) to sing that very little people showed up earlier in the day. The performers kept the beat, the spirit of the day and thier sense of humor. Kudos and high five to them!

In closing, I'm tired, its been a long but fun day. I met a few new people and sold a few pieces of jewelry. I got to spend time with my daughter and my little boy so, all is good. Here's hoping for fabulous fall weather just a little longer!

Friday, October 2, 2009

In the Midst

Sometimes in the midst of things
you loose a little of yourself
slowly a piece here of there
until one day you don't recognize yourself anymore


One word can mean so much
an event that begins a chain of events
that seem to unfold in front of you
without even an effort


in the midst of things
you feel like your in a fog
in order to come out of the blur
you throw your fists up and shake the chains


without struggle there would be no effort
no moving forward
certainly no moving on
they are two seperate entities


knowing what you have done
and knowing there is no going back
claiming your life and grabbing onto your heart
with all your might


acknowledging your past, present and future
they collide into eachother and mesh
this is not always a smooth existence


I am not there yet
but within the struggle there is awareness and acceptance
I am moving forward into peace

Original written work by Tera Vermillion 10/3/09 12:54am