Thursday, December 4, 2014

Blogging about My Designs...

I create one of a kind designs in a variety of styles using quality materials including vintage components, stone, pearls and lampwork.

My style varies and can be best described as bohemian or hippie chic. I do not desire to mass market or succumb to any ones idea of what should be made, I design and create what comes to mind.

In addition to jewelry I also create polymer clay sculptures, beads, beaded purses, paintings and other accessories.

I have had the pleasure of selling my creations at many local festivals in Washington and Ohio state as well as in galleries and retail locations. Just always look for the shop name "Bohemian Glitz".

Retail locations have included:

Devtan Trading Company Spokane, Washington

Finders Keepers Village Craft and Antique Mall Newark, Ohio

The Quilterie Celina, Ohio

Cameo Gallery Columbus, Ohio

The Columbia City Art Gallery Seattle, Washington

Alafair Antiques SODO district, Seattle Washington

Suite Assignments, Burien and W. Seattle Wa. ~Current June 2013

The Couth Buzzard, Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle-current

Other places to find us online:

For what we are up to and writing:

Jewelry repair such as restringing and simple repairs that do not require flame and torch are also possible.

On a personal note...mother of two. One almost seven year old and a young lady of 22. Married and content.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

One of a Kind forever

If your looking for unique...look into buying handmade...
If you looking for passion that shows in design...consider shopping artisan shops

If your looking for joy in definitely desire handmade :)
to view my beautiful designs follow this link
and enjoy your day! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

New Design! Futuristic Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace

My whole "thing" is that I like to constantly create what ever comes to mind. I get inspired by the materials I have, by my day and by my surroundings. I like to create one of a kind, never before seen and never to be made again. Always unique.

Here is my newest finished design. A hand formed wire wrapped mostly silver and a bit of recycled copper, aquamarine and purple goldstone necklace with a slice of agate. Measures about twenty inches and is a great statement piece!

Here you can see a close up of the aquamarine chips and inter mixed purple goldstone

I used square sterling silver wire for the toggle. I was sure to keep the pattern random.

I decided to list it here:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

One of my favorite designs is someone else favorite!! Yeah :) 

Would you mind pretty please taking a look and voting for me?

Here's the piece that has been nominated...

Copper Good Luck Lamp Work Earrings

Lovely and on the long side...

Copper good luck earrings with cranberry colored twisted lamp work and bali style copper daisies.

This was part of an earring design I made years ago and decided it needed updating. I am very happy with the result.
Happy Sunday evening to you...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Time to finish


Recycled wire, quartz, aquamarine...

When I am all done, I will let you know. Promise. It is awaiting its new life as a statement necklace. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thinking about the Upcoming Holidays Sale!!

Because I am trying out a new way to display my designs I took pictures and then got the idea to run a sale..check out my shops on and storenvy

From far left at the top:

Hand knotted hemp bracelet with wood and prayer beads. Measures a little over 8". Doesn't have a toggle, does have a little pull to tighten the bracelet up.

Next to the hand knotted hemp is a three strand bracelet featuring vintage wood rosary beads, glass, plastic beads rescued from another piece of jewelry, purple pearls and one large dark purple glass bead. Has bronze lobster claw clasp and measures about 9 1/2".

Next up is a oven design I created and named Laurel in Yellow. It features pale yellow seed beads, white seed beads lined in silver, crystal rondelles and a vintage crystal button. Measures 7". I didn't get a clear shot of this one...oops
one of my favorites is next, hand made polymer clay roses and wood on silky cord. I even created the toggle out of clay. Measures 8" not including the rose loop that the straight end goes thru.

below it is a three strand green beaded bracelet with a clay piece that resembles green wave. At the bottom of the display is a cute little bracelet made with lace, polymer clay roses and pink beads. Two creamy white lampwork beads are included.

Right next to the demure little lace bracelet is a brightly colored Christmas beaded bracelet bangle
set. One is slightly larger than the other measuring three inches across.

I really must sign off for now as coffee and breakfast is waiting .....but heres a couple more close ups. Just message me with any questions.

This last picture shows two of my favorites.
The long one on the cord is a flat piece of shell with pearls and crystals wire wrapped onto it. The one just above it is a mix of turquoise and jasper with a vintage key as the focal point.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Support Your Local Artist

I as a jewelry designer know that creation is personal and I love to create. I therefore know how important it is to support other creative types. We can do this by thanking them for filling our lives with beauty.

We can support them by promoting their works. We definitely can support them by personally purchasing their creations.

I buy other designers jewelry.

Why? because others can create beautiful jewelry and I want to support their desire to do so.

I buy artist prints for my six year olds sons room.

Why? So he can have the coolest paintings and prints and learns the value of supporting others.

I buy music created by local and up and coming artists.

Why? Because there is really truly awesome talent to be discovered and I LOVE music. Music makes our world go round. Music fills our homes, our hearts and wakes up our minds.

Music inspires us...
Music is art
and I support artists

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Slows Me Down!

So, its officially summer here and probably well, everywhere. Yep, its summer and its dang hot. I tend to stay up late when its hot. I had every intention of creating a slide show tonight. Full of pictures, text and music. But alas, my laptop doesn't seem to have a movie maker app. I would need to purchase one and reviews are not so great on most. So, I declined downloading anything new this evening and instead decided to write.

One of the problems with me and heat, well I do get easily distracted an ummm its hot..

I did just for fun create a short video. I pointed to the fan, showed off a few books new to our home and just smiled. That's what heat does to me, makes me just a tad sillier.

I did create a few new necklaces lately and am really pleased with this one...

I also escaped the heat of the city and enjoyed the heat and beauty of Mt Rainier and Stevens Canyon
Where I discovered campfire toast is delicious
I also discovered stick trees that poke the sky and look really freakishly spectacular even thou the have no leaves and nearly no branches

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Local Spots to Check out Bohemian Glitz

If you are any of these :

café owner/manager
music venue

interested in displaying one of a kind art or jewelry for sale, please contact me

If you love one of a kind unique creations never to be seen one anyone else..your in the right place!

If you desire painted art....

Currently you can view my creations at Suite Assignments in West Seattle and soon to be found in a local Greenwood location.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Artist or Crafter?

Ever ask yourself that question? Are you an artist or a crafter ? Where do you draw the line?
I consider myself an artist. I create unique jewelry that no one else ever has and I have a keen eye to detail. I use the best materials I can get my hands on as well.

I put my heart and soul into what I create. I think that is a key factor to being an artist.
This lovely woven necklace went home with a was made by me, an artist.
When you buy something for yourself do you consider where it came from and choose it with care knowing the person on the receiving end will treasure it just like you did when you created it?

Happy Monday,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's New!

What's new is reinventing the old. Taking a fresh look at my own creations and reinventing them. As my process and techniques have changed I look back on what I previously created and while I like what I see I know I can create so much more.

Today I took a pair of dangles that I never hung on earwires and I finished them. They sat around for about 13 months or more. I am extremely pleased with how they turned out. Below is a set of pictures of another pair that I reinvented today. The rose quartz stones were on gold plated posts with the seed beads. I removed the stone from the wire, strung them on gold plated beadalon jewelers wire with more of the lovely gold lined seed beads. I included a vintage gold bead, 14 kt gold twisted jump rings and hung them on earwires I formed out of 14 kt gold wire.

Happy Creating!!