Monday, October 20, 2014

New Design! Futuristic Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace

My whole "thing" is that I like to constantly create what ever comes to mind. I get inspired by the materials I have, by my day and by my surroundings. I like to create one of a kind, never before seen and never to be made again. Always unique.

Here is my newest finished design. A hand formed wire wrapped mostly silver and a bit of recycled copper, aquamarine and purple goldstone necklace with a slice of agate. Measures about twenty inches and is a great statement piece!

Here you can see a close up of the aquamarine chips and inter mixed purple goldstone

I used square sterling silver wire for the toggle. I was sure to keep the pattern random.

I decided to list it here:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

One of my favorite designs is someone else favorite!! Yeah :) 

Would you mind pretty please taking a look and voting for me?

Here's the piece that has been nominated...

Copper Good Luck Lamp Work Earrings

Lovely and on the long side...

Copper good luck earrings with cranberry colored twisted lamp work and bali style copper daisies.

This was part of an earring design I made years ago and decided it needed updating. I am very happy with the result.
Happy Sunday evening to you...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Time to finish


Recycled wire, quartz, aquamarine...

When I am all done, I will let you know. Promise. It is awaiting its new life as a statement necklace. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thinking about the Upcoming Holidays Sale!!

Because I am trying out a new way to display my designs I took pictures and then got the idea to run a sale..check out my shops on and storenvy

From far left at the top:

Hand knotted hemp bracelet with wood and prayer beads. Measures a little over 8". Doesn't have a toggle, does have a little pull to tighten the bracelet up.

Next to the hand knotted hemp is a three strand bracelet featuring vintage wood rosary beads, glass, plastic beads rescued from another piece of jewelry, purple pearls and one large dark purple glass bead. Has bronze lobster claw clasp and measures about 9 1/2".

Next up is a oven design I created and named Laurel in Yellow. It features pale yellow seed beads, white seed beads lined in silver, crystal rondelles and a vintage crystal button. Measures 7". I didn't get a clear shot of this one...oops
one of my favorites is next, hand made polymer clay roses and wood on silky cord. I even created the toggle out of clay. Measures 8" not including the rose loop that the straight end goes thru.

below it is a three strand green beaded bracelet with a clay piece that resembles green wave. At the bottom of the display is a cute little bracelet made with lace, polymer clay roses and pink beads. Two creamy white lampwork beads are included.

Right next to the demure little lace bracelet is a brightly colored Christmas beaded bracelet bangle
set. One is slightly larger than the other measuring three inches across.

I really must sign off for now as coffee and breakfast is waiting .....but heres a couple more close ups. Just message me with any questions.

This last picture shows two of my favorites.
The long one on the cord is a flat piece of shell with pearls and crystals wire wrapped onto it. The one just above it is a mix of turquoise and jasper with a vintage key as the focal point.