Monday, May 25, 2009

Step Away!

Sometimes, you really need to just step away. Wether it be from business, the kids, the kitchen~just step away! Having a little balance in your life is healthy. That is why a few times a week I walk five miles or more on any given day. Great exercise, fresh air and usually lunch out. This also means a learning time for me and my little one. He is just beginning to walk, gets super excited when you introduce him to something new and would rather stay up than sleep and miss out on something. This is balance. Hearing the squeals of a little one, buying paint instead of beads, crawling on foam strawberries with your little one or pulling the toys off the shelf at your local toy store.

Balance is important for all of us. The babe can't walk steady just yet. You know the term "walking like a drunken sailor"? That's my babe. Balance is so important to him as well. That's why today, while I am preparing for market he's playing with Dad!!

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday and finding balance in your life.

aka BohemianGlitz

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have to admit, I do have several sites going on....some for selling, some for connecting, some for marketing and some just for fun. One site that I love that is easy to use and you do not shop from it is For any of you that haven't heard of it~check it out. You can peruse the collection of clothes, accessories and jewelry. Designers have portfolios that you can vote on and it's heaven for window shoppers! Imagine looking at all the finest new attire without feeling the pressure of buying. For some lucky designer, they may even get a chance to have their creations made on a large scale. Talk about marketing!

To see my portfolio click here:

I have even included some of my private collection so you can see what I usually wear. Pictured here is a pair of earrings that I wear a LOT. Sometimes, they don't even get put away. I haven't blogged there in a while but I have added pictures somewhat recently.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chance to win gift certificate!

Spread the News!

I am running a special promo : I am working towards my 25,000th hit on the website counter. Currently, I am at 19,240. Please help spread the word about the site! When I hit 25,000 hits ALL newsletter subscribers will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate.

*Rules: you must have an account so I can email the certificate to you. This doesn’t mean you have to make a purchase, just that you have created an account. It’s just little ole’ me working the site here and every once in a while my website developer peeks in to help me out. Your information isn’t shared with anyone. We have security measures. The account enables you and I to track purchases, give discounts, email newsletters, things like that.

To enter for a chance to win the $50 gift certificate go to and create an account. That's it. When my counter hits 25,000 I will have a winner randomly picked out of all the newsletter subscribers. I send out newsletters once a month. Occasionally, twice if something special is going on I need to alert you to. Newsletter subscribers may get advance notice of items being added, always are notified of sales, promos and contests.

Thank you!
aka Bohemian Glitz

Monday, May 11, 2009

Marketing Your Craft and Other Stuff

Quite possibly, I am not the one that should be writing about this subject. I am a stay at home mom, have many responsibilites including two children both with thier own "special needs". I have been working on or with computers since 1985. You would think I would be a pro by now. Just the opposite! I get by. Up until a few years ago, I didn't even realize how much information you could look up on the internet. When I took my first computer class you had to enter mathematical equations to create pinwheel black and white flowers. Nowadays, I am sure there are third graders that could create better blog pages than I.

I create jewelry. I certainly do not spend enough time marketing myself and if I do possiblly not in the correct places or not enough....Have you heard of my site? If you have, then maybe I am doing something right. Somewhere in the day to day goings on of chores, bills, kids, animals, I create. Sometimes, I find time to tweet, post on facebook, indiepublic, americancraftguide or ustrendy. But I still don't know how to do a beautiful blog page for example:

Visit this site and you will see what I am talking about. Not only does she create beautiful jewelry, take amazing photos but she does market! Blog! Shine! I would love to sit down together with her or anyone like her over coffee and learn a little. I should have named this blog "Help Me" !

Anyone looking for ooak jewelry or pouches please take a moment to visit my site: Here is what one customer has said about her items she bought:

"I got my necklace!!! I absolutly love it!!! thank you so much for the pouches, those will be perfect for my trip coming up!!!! OH and I love the bracelet you know me too well!!! Thank you so much!! I gave your card to my mom to give to a lady she works with, I know she will love your stuff, her name is T*** A***, so I hope you get some orders from her!!! Have a great day!!!"

If you would like to see other feedback, please visit

In closing, I can tell you word of mouth is the best! Marketing online still gets around because people share your links. That is still word of mouth that is definetely faster than face to face! So, if you are looking for places to market yourself and your handcrafted items you can try:facebook, twitter, indiepublic, americancraftguide, diyscene, others that I have not mentioned feel free to email me with them!

Thanks so much for reading this, supporting your artists and our efforts to create handmade unique items!